Danny was hanging out with My Little Pony long before the bronies

In all the My Little Pony specials of the 1980s, the ponies had three human allies.

These siblings were:

  • Megan, the oldest and most famous MLP human
  • Danny, the middle child, rarely seen without his “B” hat (Seriously, he even sleeps in it.)
  • Molly, the baby of the family

Megan was released as a doll multiple times and was packaged with Sundance, So Soft Sundance and Twice-As-Fancy Sundance. (She’s nothing if not consistent.) Little sister Molly was also released as a doll packaged with, you guessed it, Baby Sundance.

But poor Danny has never been made into a toy or doll of any kind. If Hasbro’s looking for an idea for a cool limited edition item, a Danny doll would be a great choice, especially with all the new male fans.

Because, as we all know…

Would you like to finally be able to own a Danny of your very own?

3 thoughts on “Danny was hanging out with My Little Pony long before the bronies”

  1. Only problem is, Hasbro apparently doesn’t own the copyright to any G1 stuff anymore aside from Applejack and Spike.  I don’t understand the legals ins and outs of this, but they apparently cannot legally produce a Danny toy.

    This also dashes my hopes of seeing Megan make a triumphal return in G4.

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