My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic t-shirts in adult and plus sizes (for women and men). Also, new designs.

Ever since I first posted about the new MLP shirts from Might Fine, I’ve gotten a ton of emails and questions about the fact that they were all only listed in junior sizes which, of course, wouldn’t fit a normal adult male or female. Well, I have some good news!

They’ve since updated their catalog so that now (almost) all the MLP shirts are available in adult sizes for both men and women! Many shirts are also offered in sizes up to 3X! Wooohooo!

They’ve also added a ton of new designs which you can check out below:

That said, many shirts are still not available in adult sizes. One of these is, maddeningly, the Retro shirt that most of you have expressed the most interest in. I have two different emails into the company to see if they’ll be releasing it in adult sizes soon and haven’t gotten an answer yet but I will let you know when I do. But, in the meantime, lots of FiM goodness to be had so go nuts!

Hot tip: When you first sign up, they give you a 10% off coupon so sign up, then place your order. 

Which design is your favorite?

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  • Rianna


  • SpikeSoCuteLike

    I want the epic cute Spike one!

  • Agnes pippi

    its so cool i love mlp

  • Jill Bernstein

    Do they have the hoodies in 2xl for woman my daughter loves them and is top heavy so smaller sizes not good

  • Maddieandshadow

    Holy fucking molestia I WANT THEM!