Friday, November 28, 2014

title pic Rainbow Dash: My Little Pagan Ritual Druid Pony

Posted by Hillary on June 8, 2010

What fresh hell is this?

Run little one dimensional duck with the Anime eyes! Look at the ancient symbols on Druid Pony’s hooded cape! She clearly intends to use you as a sacrifice in her ancient pagan ritual! She is already half demon herself, notice how you can’t quite count how many legs she has? OMG, little ducky, get the heck out of there while there is still time!

(Found on Amazon.)

Hillary got her very first pony in 1983 and has been hooked ever since! When she isn’t obsessing about ponies, she can be found all over the internet as she writes for quite a few blogs. Hillary is also a playwright, fiction and non-fiction writer as well as the author of the first and only price guide to She-Ra collectibles.

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