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Did you ever read in the bath with the My Little Pony Sea Ponies?


My Little Pony MLP Hasbro 1986 Bathtime Bath Book Vinyl The Sea Ponies Live in The Sea

I stumbled upon this waterproof vintage My Little Pony book from 1986 called The Sea Ponies Live in the Sea which should really have been the name of their first album of sea shanties. You can click through the link below to see a close-up of all the pages and thus read the entire book.

As a new parent, I’m curious. Is reading in the bathtub still a thing? Do they still make books for the bath?

Do you remember reading about the sea ponies while in the bathtub or pool?

SOURCE: My Little Pony MLP Hasbro 1986 Bathtime Bath Book Vinyl The Sea Ponies Live in The Sea.

Summer Hayes's MLP Corner

  • Free MLP (or other Hasbro toy) with $20 purchase!
    SpottedSlug posted about a promotion that Hasbro is running through December 25th 2010 and January 31st 2011. Basically you buy a Hasbro toy or game, fill in a form and send it in with your original receipt and they’ll send you a free toy. The form lets you pick your top three toy lines and Hasbro will send you a toy from one of the lines you choose.

    I wonder what they’ll be sending out as their free products. Hopefully, the stores around me will actually stock some new products so I can make a purchase and fill out my own redemption form to find out.

    Here is the link for the redemption form and if you send one in let me know what they send you!

  • 2011 My Little Pony Fair Dates and Location Announced!
    I am pleased to announce that the 2011 My Little Pony Fair and Collector’s Convention will take place on July 22-23rd at Hasbro’s Headquarters in Rhode Island. Additional information will be released in the coming weeks!
  • My Little Pony Keds!
    Okay, while these are not an officially licensed My Little Pony product, they are awesome! I’m thinking they would make great summertime shoes for hanging out at the lake, beach, or a pony event (like My Little Pony Fair 2011).

    I love how they name the shoe styles not by the pony name (since they are obviously skirting around copyrights) and instead name them by pony characteristics. For example, the “Dashing in the Clouds” shoe is obviously designed after Rainbow Dash, “Fresh Picked Apples” is designed after Applejack, etc.

    They are being sold for $65 and I love them. I only wish I had discovered them before I made my Christmas list!

    Check out all the styles available HERE on zazzle.com

Win a free copy of The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory with our Goodreads giveaway!

The first of many contests over the next few months, winning a copy of the brand new The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory price guide has never been easier.

Simply enter to win a copy on Goodreads before October 1st and one lucky winner will get a free copy. This contest is eligible to anyone in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia so don’t delay, enter now.

There is no purchase or other fancy requirement to join, simply click below to enter:

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The My Little Pony G2 Collector

The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory

by Summer Hayes

Giveaway ends October 01, 2010.

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The ultimate My Little Pony G2 Price Guide from Summer Hayes is on sale now!

Right now, at the 2010 My Little Pony Convention (MLP Fair) in Louisville, KY, Summer Hayes is unveiling her newest My Little Pony Price Guide all about the second generation. But for the MLP fans back at home, there’s no need to be sad! We can order the book starting today as well!

Would you prefer to order a copy from eBay?

Or Amazon?

We’ll be having some contests, trivia and other fun stuff in the near future related to the book release so stay tuned!

The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory
an unofficial full color illustrated guide to the second generation of MLP including all ponies, playsets and accessories from 1997 to 2003

by Summer Hayes

Product Details

* Paperback: 104 pages
* Interior ink: Full color
* Publisher: Priced Nostalgia Press
* Publication Date: July 17, 2010
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0978606329
* ISBN-13: 9780978606329

Product Description:

The My Little Pony toys released between 1997 and 2003 have long been shrouded in mystery. This second generation (G2) was unusual and, between a completely different style and a limited run, collectors didn’t know what they should be looking for, let alone what they were missing. Information about these collectible toys, released through Hasbro’s Kenner Toys arm, was scattered, confused and incomplete. . . until now! With the release of The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory, Summer Hayes has compiled the first illustrated guide of its kind with large, full-color photos detailing all the ponies, playsets and accessories to give many collectors and fans their first look into the lost generation of MLP. With checklists so collectors can keep track of their want lists as well as a price guide for both loose and mint in box sets to help with buying and selling G2 items, Hayes has collected all of the knowledge about this 6 year span together for the very first time. This new release is the perfect companion piece to the G1 and G3 guides from The My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory series.

You should be stocking up on G2 My Little Pony items right now. Here’s why:

Second generation MLP items. G2. Let’s talk about them.

Saturday, July 17th, at the 2010 My Little Pony Convention, Summer Hayes is going to release her new guide to this unusual generation. What does this mean for you, the average MLP collector or seller? Simple.

G2s haven’t been as collectible as other generations in the past for one main reason: Very few people knew much about them. Most US collectors have never even seen the G2 items that were available only in Europe and even European collectors missed out on some of the smaller and harder to find sets. What it boils down to is this: lots of people didn’t collect this generation because they had no idea where to begin or even what was really in it. The info was incomplete and scattered. Until now.

Starting tomorrow, the general MLP collecting public is going to go from knowing a little bit about the second generation to knowing a whole lot about the second generation. Instead of only a few devoted G2 collectors having all the info about these toys, suddenly anyone with a copy of Summer’s book is going to know about every single playset, pony, accessory and whatnot from the second generation. Collectors are going to see whole sets of ponies that they didn’t even know existed before. And when they realize how cool some of these sets and ponies are, they are going to be a lot more interested in collecting them. The more people collecting something, the more it drives up prices. That is just a simple rule of supply and demand.

So, if you want my advice, whether you are a G2 collector or just an opportunistic collectibles seller, start stock piling G2 ponies now. If you are a collector, this will let you snag them for a better price before the rush of new collectors get involved. For sellers, this will let you snag ponies for less and then resell (or trade) them later for more when new G2 collectors start to drive the market up. Either way, don’t be surprised if G2 prices start to change and change drastically in the next few weeks as knowledge and interest in the generation spreads.

Now if you have a G2 collection that you were looking to sell, I’d bide my time. Once the copies of the book have had a chance to circulate, you should be able to get a better price for your items than you would have been able to get ever before and they’ll be more interest in the items overall.

But that’s just my 2 cents. . .