Saturday, November 29, 2014

title pic MY LITTLE PONY: Live-Action Trailer (What did you think?)

Posted by Hillary on May 8, 2009

Secret Sauce sent us this personally on Twitter so I feel obligated to post it even though it’s kinda weak. There are a few cute parts and it definitely had some potential but I was really hoping to laugh out loud and the most I did was smile once. I actually rolled my eyes a […]

title pic Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver names newest daughter after a My Little Pony

Posted by Hillary on April 28, 2009

This story is a few weeks old but I missed it and I am sure some of you did as well so I figured it would post it anyway. Jamie Oliver, best known as TV’s The Naked Chef, just named his most recent daughter (born on April 3rd, 2009) Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver. Never mind […]