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2012 Convention & SDCC Exclusive My Little Pony is (gasp) NOT named Derpy

My Little Pony fans, especially fans of Friendship is Magic, went wild when they saw 2012’s convention exclusive pony. Attendees of the My Little Pony Fair Collector’s Convention and the San Diego Comic Convention (also referred to as SDCC or just Comic Con), got an exclusive chance to snag this pony:

The wonky eyes. The bubble cutie mark. The muffins. Surely this is the character FiM fans have dubbed Derpy Hooves (sometimes known as Ditzy Doo)?

While fans of the show  may know her as Derpy in their hearts, this pony is still controversial and Hasbro and the Hub both seem to want distance from the fan given name. As a result, this 2012 exclusive pony, like many of the exclusive ponies of the past, is officially unnamed. Will she remain nameless for all time or will Hasbro eventually settle on an official name for this brony favorite?

For now, she’s joined the ranks of ponies officially named one thing, but commonly called another by collectors.

Did you manage to snag your very own Derpy, er, I mean, 2012 Convention Exclusive My Little Pony this year? If you haven’t snagged one yet, there are plenty up for grabs already on eBay.

Seth Green had a meeting with Hasbro about producing My Little Pony Apocalypse Pony figures from Robot Chicken

Wait, what? Collider has the scoop direct from Comic Con. Here’s their paraphrase:

Other than the fact that the Seth Green apparently actually had a meeting with Hasbro about making a real line of My Little Pony Apocalypse action figures (it ain’t happening in this lifetime), there was no real information in this panel.

I really kinda wish we could have sat in on that meeting…

Update@theliz13 just tipped me off to the fact that Seth Green posted pictures of the actual prototypes of the ponies he showed to Hasbro back in December of 2010 to his Twitter. Check em out below!

My Little Pony Facebook page unveils a San Diego Comic Con exclusive Friendship is Magic poster

Collectors and fans, get ready to drool! In addition to the convention exclusive pony, the Hasbro booth at the SDCC will also have this limited edition poster:

(click it to make it bigger)

I have a feeling these are going to be pretty pricey on eBay after the event…

As an added bonus, it makes a pretty sweet desktop background or wallpaper! 😉

Contest: Prove your knowledge of My Little Pony G3 and win a 2010 Comic Con Exclusive MLP

We haven’t had a contest in a while and that makes me sad. Let’s remedy that, shall we?

Below, you’ll find a page from last year’s Cute Overload calendar that I’ve been saving for this very purpose. Though it’s a bit of a challenge, you can actually identify at least four* of the ponies in the photo and one accessory. In fact, that’s what I’m going to ask you to do.

Take a careful look at the photo below (click to make it larger).

Then answer the following questions in the form below:

Hint: This is much, much easier to do if you have Summer Hayes’ G3 books.

>>>>> Sorry, this contest is over. <<<<<

The winner will be getting this:

A mint in box 2010 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) exclusive pony. Even if you already have one, a handy and desirable pony for trade or resale.


  • Contest entries must be received via the form above before June 21st, 2011.
  • Contest is open to anyone with a valid shipping address in the USA. International readers can enter only if they have access to a US address that the prize can be shipped to. Sorry but we cannot ship this item internationally!
  • Winner must have the correct answer to all questions above.
  • In the event of a tie, winner will be selected from 100% correct entries via random drawing.
  • Winner must provide a valid email address so that we can notify them that they have won. Once notified, winner will need to provide a valid US address so that we can ship their prize.

*Don’t post your answers in the comments!* Resist the urge! It will only make it harder for you to win. I’ll post the answers once the contest is over and you can be as smug and as “I totally knew that” as you want then. Only submissions sent via the form will be accepted. (I’ve disabled normal comments but I can’t disable Facebook comments.)

*=If you’re really good, you can also ID the red pony in the dark behind the kitty’s ear. I didn’t think it was fair to include her in the contest because she’s really hard to see. As for the white pony, there are several ponies she *could* be but the color is too hard to make-out to be able to be sure. So neither of them are included in this contest.

Any questions? Let us know. In the meantime, I wish you luck! I’ll give a shout out to everyone who gets all five correct so you’ll get bragging rights either way! :-)

Crud, you guys, I think I may be collecting G3 My Little Pony stuff again

I get a lot of questions about why Priced Nostalgia Press turned to Summer Hayes for their G2 and G3 books instead of me and the answer is simple, if not a little embarrassing.

You see, I, uh, don’t really collect G2s or G3s. *ducks the rotten fruit being thrown at her*

Wait! Let me explain!

See, I used to collect every generation. I had everything, you would have been really impressed. But then, you know how it is, you buy a house, you don’t have a lot of space, you start to look at your collection and say, “Sure, I love all of this but I also love closet space. What do I love THE MOST.” So I realized that I really, really loved my G1s and wasn’t going to part with them but that the G2s and G3s weren’t really as OMG must have on my list. I started culling the herd. I kept only my favorite G2 and G3 items and sold everything else.

I actually kept more G2 items than G3 because I’ve always loved some of the crazy G2 sets (Babies dressed like bumble bees! Unicorns with silver horns! Male ponies with construction hats! What’s not to love about this stuff?)

But G3? I was buying everything that came out for a while but it was madness. There were just too many coming out and, on top of that, I was keeping them all mint in box so they took up more room than my good ole G1s. Then they switched to Core 7 and it was like, eh, how many Pinkie Pies can one person own? So I still collect the cool stuff (you know, the usual: Comic Con ponies, Fair exclusives, anything that smells like root beer) but I don’t bother with the stuff currently in stores (though I always walk through their toy aisle to check their shelf space because I am a freak).

Then something happened. I got this massive lot of early G3s at Goodwill. I don’t usually buy G3s but they looked lonely and unloved and my inner Hillary was like, “They are still My Little Pony! Who are you to play favorites?” So I bought them.

There are too many. Two waist high boxes of them. It’s insane. There is, clearly, something wrong with me.

But as I clean them up to sell/trade something strange is happening. Maybe its because all I’ve seen is the new style ponies with the big heads and I’d forgotten how like G1 the original G3s were. Maybe its because now I can touch them with my actual hands instead of just looking at my mint in box items through plastic but I’m finding myself totally falling in love with some of them. With every batch I clean, I’m picking out one or two going, “Hmm, maybe I’ll just keep her.” There isn’t any rhyme or reason to this, I’m not doing it based on rarity (or Rarity for that matter ;-)) or collectibility, it’s really more of an organic “OO Shiny!” sort of thing.

You know what I think it really is? I needed the thrill of the hunt. Going to the store and just buying the ponies new wasn’t enough of a challenge for me. I needed to hunt for them, clean them up, have the thrill of finding that pony I wanted in a bag of Goodwill or flea market bait. Now that I’m seeing the G3s in bags of filthy boxes, they suddenly look much better to me than they did in the stores.

I’m not saying this makes sense. I’m just saying that it’s what’s going on.

I’m trying to keep this urge under control, I don’t want to be that guy that buys back their entire collection after selling it. But as someone who swore off G3s, I’m surprised to find how much I like the early ones on a second glance.

I wonder if this will happen more and more as collectors like me see them second hand and give them a second chance.

I know a lot of people gave up on G3s after they introduced the Core 7 so I have to ask, did you give the early G3s a second look and feel the tiny tug of changing your mind? Or are you done with G3s for good?

PS: Because I have like 9 million G3s, expect a bunch of random G3 posts as I sort through them all.