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Use MyLittlePony.com’s Valentine’s Day Card Creator to make simple comics and fan art

The official My Little Pony site has a special card creator “game” for Valentine’s Day. This simple flash creator makes cute little cards for you to print and give to your friends.

But it also makes a very simple little fan art generator for those of us that may not have the artistic ability of others out there. With a bunch of backgrounds, all the major characters in a variety of poses and costumes and a bevy of props, you can actually use this creator to set up scenes for fan art and comics. Just grab a screenshot of your work once it’s finished.

From a multi-panel comic to a one-panel gag for the My Little Brony crowd, there’s a lot of potential!

If you end up making anything, please share it with us below!

Here’s some quick screenshots to give you an idea of what it’s like. No, I don’t know what’s going on in any of these scenes either. 😉

Comic Con 2009 My Little Pony Mentions

ONE FOR THE GIRLS: Bonnie Zacherle, one of the original ‘My Little Pony’ designers, signs an autograph and draws a pony for a youngster during an appearance at Hasbro’s booth. [SOURCE]

One audience member asked [Todd] McFarlane if he could draw a “My Little Pony” sketch for his wife, as several other Image creators – including Kirkman – have already contributed. “I might be able to do it, but you must realize that Todd’s ‘My Little Pony’ is slightly different than everybody else’s,” he joked. “Dark form with the big thorns coming in, then you take that big stretchy tail and strangle people… ‘My Little Pony,’ this!” [SOURCE]

Meanwhile, over in Villainville, Dr. Doom and the Lethal Legion are plotting to take over the world. To give you an idea of what kinds of villainy we’re dealing with, they did a special cast reading at the convention. It’s plot: Dr. Doom’s quest to acquire an exclusive My Little Pony collectible. The series kicks off with a four-episode marathon on Cartoon Network September 19, and I’m strangely very excited about it. [SOURCE] and [SOURCE]

Were you at the event this weekend? Share with us your MLP memories!

Other My Little Pony webcomics: Death by Pink! and Ponyville

If yesterday’s post made you itch for more, here are two other great online comics starring My Little Pony.

Is there another great MLP comic that you read (or write) that fans would enjoy? Go ahead and post your the link to it in the comments below.

Kimono’s Townhouse (My Little Pony webcomic)

Ever wonder what it would be like if My Little Pony friends Minty and Kimono lived together in the same townhouse? Dava Butler did and created Kimono’s Townhouse which syndicates every Wednesday at http://kimonostownhouse.com

MLP fans who have never seen this comic before will love the fact that, instead of drawing the ponies, Butler uses actual ponies and photographs them in a detailed house.

Collectors and fans alike should check this out!