Saturday, August 2, 2014

title pic G3 Mimic Custom My Little Pony by mayanbutterfly

Posted by Hillary on January 9, 2014

I’m such a sucker for ponies re-imagined in the style of another generation. What’s the coolest custom Mimic you’ve ever seen? SOURCE: G3 Mimic Custom My Little Pony by mayanbutterfly on deviantART.

title pic My Little Pony custom G2 Collector’s Edition Firefly

Posted by Hillary on December 6, 2013

It’s the G2 version of the special edition version of Firefly from the animated special the original toy was from in the first place! So many layers! It’s like the pony version of inception! SOURCE: G2 movie Firefly – My Little Pony Trading Post.

title pic Could new My Little Pony toys that look more like the Friendship is Magic characters be a bad thing?

Posted by Hillary on March 7, 2012

Time and again, the thing everyone seems to clamor for from Hasbro are pony and playsets that more closely match the look of the ponies on The Hub‘s Friendship is Magic show. This request is also closely followed by requests for characters from the show that have never been made into toys (such as the controversial Derpy […]

title pic CNN interviews My Little Pony customizers Jodi Moisan & Mari Kasurinen

Posted by Hillary on January 21, 2012

Most of the images are of ponies you’ve already seen elsewhere on the web but check out the article for a great interview with these true pony artists. CNN: ‘My Little Pony’ Goes Geek

title pic The mysterious Hugh Jackman/My Little Pony connection

Posted by Hillary on October 2, 2009

In one corner we have Hugh Jackman, handsome Australian movie star, action hero and Broadway actor. In the other corner, we have pastel My Little Pony toys. Not related at all, right? Until this week, I would have agreed. Submitted for your approval: Exhibit A: