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My Little Pony and Friends

Confessions of A Pre-Friendship is Magic Brony (The Lifelong Journey of A Male My Little Pony Fan)

The following guest post is a bit longer than our usual articles but it’s well worth the read. A big thank you to Rando for this great guest column! -Hillary

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The 1980’s – From Muscles and Missiles to Pink Ponies

I can’t be sure how many of you remember the 80’s. Some would say I have no claim to the 80’s – but I was born in 1981. That means I was alive for most of it, but those memories of mine are of childhood. Still, this means I experienced the decade much differently than any teenager or adult and this is where the story begins.

Let’s get the gender issue out of the way. I’m a male, I have always been a male, and I have never felt otherwise. Growing up, I played with Hot Wheels, G.I. Joes and He-Man. I helped my dad hammer nails and build things. I played in the mud, broke things to find out how they worked, caught bugs, and probably touched more gross things than I ever should have. Now, none of these acts should particularly be called boy/male activity, but for all intents and purposes of this article, the general public considers them so – which means, in turn, my 80’s childhood was typically ‘boy’. Continue reading

Bronies, Friendship is Magic and Men who love ‘My Little Pony’

And the women who love them? No?

This article is very “I don’t like your tone buddy!” but it’s worth a read anyway. You can read the original article here and then there is a follow up with a few corrections here.

The coverage of all this FiM/Brony movement is bothering me in was I can’t explain and this article is a part of it. I can’t quite put my finger on what about it is rubbing me the wrong way. Is it me or are you also feeling a weird vibe from the media on this?