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MY LITTLE PONY Fair 2015 Updates!

Tickets for the 12th annual MY LITTLE PONY Fair went on sale last Tuesday and we had record sales for our opening week. Several of our ticket packages sold out within hours of being released. It was craziness! I felt like I was selling tickets to a rock concert! We still have plenty of general admission and children’s tickets available, so don’t fear if you didn’t get your tickets right away.

Today, I’ve been busy answering emails… so many emails! I think we may need to add a FAQ section to the website this year. I’ll be right on that after I get all the game, event, presentation, and contest information moved over from the old website. Speaking of which, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the new and improved www.mylittleponycon.com head over and give it a look. I really like the way it turned out.

I’m doing much better delegating Fair duties this year, or at least I’m on the way to being much better. We have an official Game Coordinator (RuthAnn), Advertising Program Manager and Contest Coordinator (Amber), Program Designer (Jenn), Digital Events App Developer (Renae), and then the amazing, Mary is awesome at taking the reins and helping out whenever I get underwater and things get crazy. We’re also adding the fabulous Jenny to staff this year, but she doesn’t yet have a fancy title.

2015 is on track to be the biggest and best Fair ever and I couldn’t do it without the help of these wonderful people!



Planning for the 2015 MY LITTLE PONY Fair is full swing! As you may know, we coordinate this event each year with the help of our awesome community and the terrific marketing team at Hasbro, Inc.

I am a contracted promoter of the MY LITTLE PONY brand and as a result, the MY LITTLE PONY Fair is the only MY LITTLE PONY convention event that can boast support and collaboration with Hasbro.Inflatable Zorb Balls

In the past several years, the MY LITTLE PONY Fair has grown exponentially. In 2014, we had attendance of upwards of 1,200 attendees. Considering that our attendance in 2010 topped out at 300, I’d say we are headed in the right direction and doing something right! Unlike, other more Brony-centric PONY events, we have aimed to have slow sustainable growth each year and expanded our programming to reflect the needs of our attendees. While we do cater to the current Friendship Is Magic audience, our primary focus is, and always has been, the MY LITTLE PONY Collector. We provide panels, discussion groups, and workshops highlighting MY LITTLE PONY licensed products, collector resources, and the history of MY LITTLE PONY.

This year’s MY LITTLE PONY Fair offerings will include appearances and small group sessions with MY LITTLE PONY creator, Bonnie Zacherle, and MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship Is Magic vocal talent, Andrea Libman. In addition, artist Jenn Blake will host a presentation for those with an interest in MY LITTLE PONY artwork.

The MY LITTLE PONY Fair Marketplace continues to grow in 2015, hosting over 100 vendor booths teeming with officially licensed MY LITTLE PONY products, vintage MY LITTLE PONY collectibles, artist offerings, and upcoming brand products.

Join us on a journey of the History of MY LITTLE PONY in our curated exhibit: MY LITTLE PONY Through the Years. Key items and artwork from the rich 32 year history of the brand will be on display including the original MY LITTLE PONY prototype figures that were hand painted by Ms. Zacherle.

The MY LITTLE PONY Fair offers several opportunities for attendees to play interactive games and participate in contests for a chance to take home goodies and prizes. Games are designed to reflect a typical “fair” atmosphere with both games of skill and games of chance for all ages to enjoy.

In an effort to include our youngest MY LITTLE PONY fans in the festivities (and those young at heart), we will be again hosting our popular Sugar Cube Corner Crafting area where attendees will have the opportunity to make and create MY LITTLE PONY themed crafts, and use provided art supplies to color and decorate their favorite MY LITTLE PONY characters.

Participate in our annual MY LITTLE PONY Costume Contest and Parade by either dressing in costume, or by voting for your favorites. Our annual MY LITTLE PONY Custom and Art Contests showcase the many talents of our amazing community artists and entries are on display throughout the weekend.

Round out your MY LITTLE PONY Fair experience by taking home a piece of the magic in the form of one of our officially licensed MY LITTLE PONY Fair event souvenirs. Items range from Special Edition Premium MY LITTLE PONY figures, event T-shirts, logo mugs, logo totes, collector lapel pins, event lanyards and other items you cannot get anywhere else.

We hope you will join us in 2015 for the 12th annual MY LITTLE PONY Fair on June 27th and 28th in Chicago, Illinois. Event tickets and ticket packages will be available for order in the coming weeks. Pricing will be released soon. Book your hotel room at the East Inflatables now to secure our $99 room block rate. Details can be found on the official MY LITTLE PONY Fair website: www.mylittleponycon.com

Hotel Information posted for 2012 My Little Pony Convention in Orlando, FL on July 7th & 8th

Looking to get an early start on your MLP Fair plans? The My Little Pony Convention website just launched for the year and hotel information has already been posted. While you can’t order tickets or reserve booth space yet, now’s the ideal time to reserve your room at the discounted rate!

The ultimate My Little Pony G2 Price Guide from Summer Hayes is on sale now!

Right now, at the 2010 My Little Pony Convention (MLP Fair) in Louisville, KY, Summer Hayes is unveiling her newest My Little Pony Price Guide all about the second generation. But for the MLP fans back at home, there’s no need to be sad! We can order the book starting today as well!

Would you prefer to order a copy from eBay?

Or Amazon?

We’ll be having some contests, trivia and other fun stuff in the near future related to the book release so stay tuned!

The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory
an unofficial full color illustrated guide to the second generation of MLP including all ponies, playsets and accessories from 1997 to 2003

by Summer Hayes

Product Details

* Paperback: 104 pages
* Interior ink: Full color
* Publisher: Priced Nostalgia Press
* Publication Date: July 17, 2010
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0978606329
* ISBN-13: 9780978606329

Product Description:

The My Little Pony toys released between 1997 and 2003 have long been shrouded in mystery. This second generation (G2) was unusual and, between a completely different style and a limited run, collectors didn’t know what they should be looking for, let alone what they were missing. Information about these collectible toys, released through Hasbro’s Kenner Toys arm, was scattered, confused and incomplete. . . until now! With the release of The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory, Summer Hayes has compiled the first illustrated guide of its kind with large, full-color photos detailing all the ponies, playsets and accessories to give many collectors and fans their first look into the lost generation of MLP. With checklists so collectors can keep track of their want lists as well as a price guide for both loose and mint in box sets to help with buying and selling G2 items, Hayes has collected all of the knowledge about this 6 year span together for the very first time. This new release is the perfect companion piece to the G1 and G3 guides from The My Little Pony Collector’s Inventory series.

How is it possible that no one is selling a single 2009 MLP Fair Exclusive Peacock Pony on eBay yet?

So I asked a friend who was going to be at the MLP Fair this past weekend to grab me one of the Fair exclusives so here’s hoping she comes through. But I went to look on eBay just to see what the current market price was and, to my shock, nada, nothing!

Surely there is at least one opportunistic convention goer with one that is interested is letting unsuspecting people on eBay pay out the nose for one.

You people disappoint me. I would have bought whatever the limit was and then bought that same number again under my husband’s name and been wildly selling and trading those puppies like a madwoman right now.

So did you get one this weekend? Is she as pretty as she looks in the photo? Why aren’t you trying to sell her to me on eBay right now, hmmm? Do tell!

Have you seen me?