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Disney discontinues Build-a-Pony My Little Pony stations, costumes and accessories

One of the most popular things to come out of Disney’s partnership with Hasbro was the Build-a-Pony station. This theme park exclusive area could be found in Mickey’s Toontown Square in the County Bounty store and in Downtown Disney in the Once Upon a Toy Store. There My Little Pony fans could fill a box with as many ponies, accessories, outfits and more that could fit all for a flat price (which they sadistically kept raising, just to annoy me). In addition to outfits that let your ponies dress as some of their Disney favorites like Tinker Bell, Cinderella, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Minnie Mouse there were also neat extras like Mickey ear hats, Mickey themed sunglasses, a mini-autograph book, a popcorn stand, tea cup from the Mad Tea Party ride in the Magic Kingdom and even a pony sized premium Mickey ice cream bar!

Sadly, these items have been discontinued one by one and are gone for good. Both of the stations were recently removed from the Orlando area.

While Summer has photos of all the accessories in The My Little Pony G3 Collector’s Inventory, if you wanted any of these outfits for yourself, there’s still hope if you act quick. A quick search reveals that there are still a handful of sellers selling both complete outfits and pieces of outfits on eBay. If you want any of them I highly recommend you grab them soon before a) they run out forever and b) before the sellers realize they can’t get any more and totally jack up their prices (which some have already done, though there are still some that are under $1 as I’m writing this).

Here’s a quick little gallery of some of the outfits:

In the meantime, I am in possession of an extra of one of the coolest (and hardest to find) outfits from this set, the Princess raincoat and hat set, which I would like to give to one of you. Stay tuned for a contest in the near future!

Instead of mourning the loss of these super cool items, instead, let’s celebrate their memory. What was your favorite item, costume or accessory offered as part of this set?

Official Hasbro My Little Pony Halloween Costumes: Pinkie Pie, Starsong, Cheerilee & Rainbow Dash

Last year, I lamented the fact that while there were officially licensed My Little Pony costumes around in the 80s, Hasbro hadn’t released any costumes for the current generation. I offered some suggestions for where to get “unofficial” MLP costumes for your Halloween needs in this post but I’m excited to let you know that this year Hasbro finally has a line of official costumes for children and babies. (Sorry adults!)

Meet Pinkie Pie

(comes in regular and deluxe)

Star Song

(only comes in deluxe)

Rainbow Dash

(only comes in classic)

and Cheerilee

Weirdly, Cheerilee isn’t available for older kids, just infants. She’s also the only choice for infants.

My personal favorite is Star Song because I love her wings but what you do guys think? Cool? Silly? Weigh in below!

My Little Pony Halloween Costumes

While the 1980s had those plastic mask costumes (which I weirdly cannot find a picture of anywhere, what’s the deal with that internet?), Hasbro has yet to come out with an official My Little Pony costume for the generation of ponies currently in stores.

However, that would never stop pony fans of all ages from dressing up as an MLP for Halloween! Some intrepid and crafty people have created costumes themselves and are selling them only. I’ve complied a small gallery below of some I liked.

While the ones on eBay are trying to be more like official My Little Pony figures, if you don’t mind modifying what you buy a bit, there are a wide variety of Unicorn costumes for children and adults alike. Just sew a symbol or cutie mark on and suddenly you have your very own My Little Pony costume.

Don’t have time or the cash to buy a costume? Make your own My Little Pony costume! Here are three homemade My Little Pony costumes to give you inspiration.

Have you dressed up as an MLP character for Halloween? Please share your pictures with us below!