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My Little Pony Petite Ponies featured mini playsets long before Ponyville

Oh, Petite Ponies!

My littlest ponies!

You’re this little, but I love you this big!

Your world is this little, but I love it this big!

Petite Ponies were plastic ponies of an inch high, some of which had brushable hair. Their bases had a horseshoe pattern that allowed you to activate their playset features. You can find a complete record of every Petite Pony and Petite Pony playset ever released in The My Little Pony G1 Collector’s Inventory.

I couldn’t find the original commercial with an English dub but the visuals are the same in this one:

I loved Petite Ponies. The Prancing Pretty Carousel was my favorite because it was more like a whole theme park. I especially liked the Petites as a kid because they were smaller and easier to get out without having to drag out all the full sized pony playsets. That said, I could never get into Dream Beauties.

Did you have any Petite Ponies in your collection?

Keep cool this summer with a My Little Pony ceiling fan!

In the same vein as the My Little Pony corsets, another intrepid crafter is offering you the chance to stay cool this summer in MLP style.

Your very own My Little Pony ceiling fan is within your reach! (To see additional images and larger photos, click the image below.)

Is a whole fan a little too much for you? No problem! Ponyville ponies easily convert to fan pulls with a little crafting. Or, if you don’t feel like making that modification yourself, several eBay sellers are selling them ready made.

I personally am holding out for the MLP themed air conditioners that I am confident will come along next. 😉

Vote for Ponyville for a chance to win My Little Pony Live: The World’s Biggest Tea Party DVD

We aren’t the only ones running My Little Pony contests around here. aPARENTly Speaking from the ContraCostaTimes.com is running a contest with the Tea Party DVD as the grand prize.

All you need to do to enter is to post a comment on this blog post voting for either Ponyville, Care-a-Lot or Strawberry Land. While you can vote on any of them for a chance to win, I think we should show them that My Little Pony is the greatest toy of all!

I am so excited that I can actually enter this one since I am disallowed from all of Priced Nostalgia’s contests.

Best of luck to everyone and I hope you win. Or if you don’t win, I hope I win. 😉

Other My Little Pony webcomics: Death by Pink! and Ponyville

If yesterday’s post made you itch for more, here are two other great online comics starring My Little Pony.

Is there another great MLP comic that you read (or write) that fans would enjoy? Go ahead and post your the link to it in the comments below.