Monday, November 24, 2014

title pic San Diego Comic Convention Exclusive (SDCC 2010): Graffiti Tagged My Little Pony

Posted by Hillary on July 13, 2010

The Comic Con ponies have been one of my favorite sets of the third generation so I was totally excited to see what they had cooked up this year. Here is the 2010 Comic Con exclusive pony that only attendees of the San Diego Comic Convention will be able to buy (at least, until they […]

title pic 2009 Comic Con Exclusive My Little Pony: Good/Evil Two Face Convention MLP

Posted by Summer on July 27, 2009

Ever since the first promotional photos came out, MLP fans has been drooling over the Comic Convention (that’s the San Diego Comic Convention, SDCC) exclusive My Little Pony figure for 2009. Like Two-Face of Batman fame, this pony was good on one side: But evil on the other: This split personality lady says, “I’ll rule […]