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Want Summer Hayes’ newest My Little Pony Collecting guide for less than retail?

As you may have heard, Summer Hayes’ The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory is coming out July 6th, 2013. The My Little Pony Fair and Convention will serve as the book launch party and, if you’ll be there, you’ll be able to not only buy a copy but also get her to sign it for you too. Pretty nifty, huh?

If you, like me, will be missing out on the MLP fun this upcoming weekend, I have good news! While the book won’t be available in most bookstores until after the launch, Amazon has it up for pre-order and has been shipping pre-orders immediately instead of making you wait for the official release date. So, if you order your copy right now from Amazon, you can have it before most bookstores even have the book in stock.

But this offer is about to get at least 20% cooler! Amazon is offering an early bird discount of 35% off the retail price! So, not only will you get your copy before anyone else, you’ll get it for less than the wholesale cost retailers pay. Even Priced Nostalgia Press itself can’t sell the book for that low so an offer this good won’t come around again.

Knowing Amazon, this price can change at any time so make sure you act quickly if you don’t want to miss out. You can get your copy from Amazon here.

What’s the deal with the Super Secret My Little Pony Guide Sale?

With the My Little Pony Convention coming up, Priced Nostalgia Press’s popular My Little Pony price guides for collectors from Summer Hayes are in high demand. Between Facebook, Twitter and the site proper, we’ve got such a great community here that I wanted to be able to do something to give MLP Collecting readers a little something extra. I pulled a few strings and was able to get Priced Nostalgia to agree to a VERY special discount just for readers of this site.

But here’s the catch: the discount is so good that we have to limit it only to readers so I’ve had to literally lock it down in a password protected post so the publisher doesn’t get in trouble with bookstores.

So here’s how you take advantage of this special sale:

  1. DM us on Twitter (@mlpcollecting) to ask for the password or grab it from Facebook here.
  2. Log into the password protected post here.
  3. Purchase as many books as you want and take advantage of the combined shipping deals in addition to the discounts. But we can only offer it through July 1st so please get your orders in soon to avoid disappointment.

Even if you already have the books, you may want to check out these prices anyway. It might be worth it to grab a copy to use for trade later.

Sorry for the subterfuge but I think you’ll find that it’s worth the extra work. 😉