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Did you ever have a My Little Pony Lunch Box or Thermos?

Back in the day, this was the exact lunch box and thermos combo I used to take to school. A corner of it got broken in a fight on the playground (that I was not involved in FYI) so I had to stop using it eventually. I used to use it to store pony accessories before I realized that was really dumb since they’d always fall out of the hole.

Did you (or do you now) use a My Little Pony lunch box or thermos? What did yours look like? (You can actually upload pictures in the comments if you want to show us yours.)

SOURCE: YouBulkit | Vintage My Little Pony Lunch Box w/ Thermos

The infamous vintage My Little Pony Cotton Candy pony purse with half a pony sewn on

Fabule$$ly Frugal Mom: July 2012

I remember when I found this purse at a garage sale in the pre-internet days. I was like… is that half a freaking pony sewed on there? But the wild part is that it isn’t like they cut a pony in half, as I originally thought. If you look at it in person, they actually molded a special half Cotton Candy just for this purse as her back is closed.

Do you have this purse in your collection? Do you want it?

SOURCE: Fabule$$ly Frugal Mom: July 2012.

My Little Pony, My Pretty Pony & Beautiful Baby packaging

I’ve heard about the version of My Pretty Pony that came with Butterscotch but this is the first I’ve seen of the actual packaging. Poor Butterscotch, I hope being called a baby didn’t give her a complex. 😉

Did you have this set when you were younger? Have you scored it mint in box since?

SOURCE: My Pretty Pony – Retro My Little Pony Photo (30561737) – Fanpop fanclubs.