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mlp sale

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Vintage My Little Pony fans and collectors welcome at Everfree Aug 17-19, 2012

With so many of the meet-ups and other fan gatherings geared specifically bronies, I wanted to highlight some of the events geared at least partially towards us vintage fans and collectors. Steven is here to tell you a little about EverFree, an informal fan gathering coming this summer for collectors and bronies alike. Are you running a meet-up or other fan gathering for vintage fans this year? Please contact me so that we can highlight it on the site.


We’re officially announcing Everfree Northwest, a three-day, one-of-a-kind summer event celebrating My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Everfree is an event organized by the fans, for the fans, and welcomes My Little Pony enthusiasts from all over the world of all ages. The first annual Everfree convention will be held the weekend of August 17-19, 2012 at the Seattle Airport Holiday Inn. Badge Pre-Registration is now open for only $35 for all attendees 13 and over, and is free to those 12 and under attending with a parent! So head on over to to check us out & our forums today!

So far we have several events for pre-Friendship is Magic fans. The first is The History of MLP, which is a lecture on the history of My Little Pony, moving into a compare/contrast of the various generations (Does G1 have more pink? Are there more “baddies” in FiM?). Next we’ll be holding a ‘Trading Post’ panel for collectors who wish to bring extras to trade for other toys they’re looking for. There also are plans in the works to have panels on pony customizing and care of pony toys which will be announced soon. Finally, Saturday Night we will be holding a ‘Grand Galloping Gala’ dance with music from all generations of the shows and movies, and the dance itself will be a Cosplay Masquarade & Formal Ball for everyone to be able to dress up! We also are open to additional programming and panels for our pre-G4 fellow fans, and those interested in hosting such panels can e-mail us at:

If you require accommodation during your stay in Seattle, please be sure to take advantage of our special convention room rate with the code “MLP” when registering for your hotel room with the SeaTac Airport Holiday Inn. This rate also includes complimentary buffet breakfast for two adults per morning, per room, as well as free breakfast buffets for all children 12 and under! Also, we’re pleased to announce our charity for our first year is Seattle Children’s Hospital. (NOTE: If your registration includes the night of Thursday, August 16th, you MUST choose a single. Otherwise you can get a double from Friday, August 17th on.).

Be sure to also follow us on Twitter at, Facebook at or Reddit at for the latest updates as they happen! Thanks again for your reading and we hope to see you in Seattle this August!

“It won’t be the same without you, so we hope that you say yes! So please, oh please, RSVP and come and be our guest!”

Second generation (G2) pegasus ponies, the only flying My Little Pony with removable (and wearable) wings

Princess Twinkle Star

The second generation was different in a lot of ways but none more obvious then when it came to pegasus ponies. In addition to the fact that this was the first generation where some unicorns also had wings, the pegasus ponies of the second generation could… remove their wings entirely! As Princess Twinkle Star on the right shows, their wings were removeable and clipped either onto the pony’s back or in your hair.

Once you had a pair of G2 wings, this let you make any G2 pony into a pegasus… just like that! Pretty nifty, huh?

One thing I find strange, though, is that… of all the pony conventions and meet-ups I’ve been to over the years, I can’t ever remember seeing someone wearing a pair of G2 wings in their hair. See how cute it would look?

Why isn’t this fashion trend sweeping the collecting community? Have you ever rocked this look? Pictures are absolutely welcome!

PS: I know that G1 Flutter Ponies wings come out but since they aren’t supposed to be removed, they don’t count as being removable. 😉

CNN’s My Little Pony mea culpa (and an awesome G1, G2 & G3 picture)

CNN apologized for their somewhat pathetic MLP coverage of late in a post called, The Throwback: ‘My Little Pony’

But I really wanted to call your attention to it because of this awesome Where’s Waldo of hard to find MLP toys from throughout the generations they used.

(Click it to make it bigger to study in greater detail.) There’s even a fairy tale bird and some pony friends in there! Not to mention ponies from all three generations.

What other cool pony finds can you spot in this crazy collage?