Monday, November 24, 2014

title pic Take 15% off My Little Pony price guides and stickers and they’ll arrive by Christmas!

Posted by Hillary on December 19, 2013

Take 15% off your total order of any of our My Little Pony stickers or collecting guides at by using the promo code VSUWQ1385619 at checkout. Domestic AND International orders are welcome! Order as late as December 20th with US Priority Mail and your order will still arrive in time for Christmas! But this […]

title pic The first Valentine’s Day My Little Pony set was a special offer from Current in the 1980s

Posted by Hillary on February 14, 2012

The very first Valentine’s Day My Little Pony was actually a set of twins from the stationary store Current in the late 80s. Though both ponies were unnamed, they each had their own distinctive look: one was purple with pink hair, the other was white with red hair. Because they were never available in stores, […]

title pic FatHead presents My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Huge!) Wall Graphics

Posted by Hillary on May 9, 2011

(via @Steves_Minty) Known for life sized wall graphics of celebrities and sports figures, FatHead now has My Little Pony FatHeads! Choose between the whole gang or just Spike and Twilight Sparkle. Click through to buy yours now! Which set do you like better?

title pic Lady Gaga and My Little Pony Story Feature Rarity the Unicorn star in GagaVision #44

Posted by Hillary on April 28, 2011

(via @KaylaBatman) Fast forward to about 1:23 for the My Little Pony cameo. Want to grab your own Rarity whose horn lights up? Amazon’s got them in stock right now. When it comes to being a My Little Pony fan, I guess you could say that we were all born this way!

title pic Hmm, Kayne may actually have a point for a change…

Posted by Hillary on March 26, 2011

Seriously, TIME? 79 out of 100, my bedazzled hindquarters!