Sunday, November 23, 2014

title pic My Little Pony Fair Collector’s Convention 2010 is going to be in Louisville, KY

Posted by Hillary on January 27, 2010

So Summer Hayes broke the news on her blog that the 2010 My Little Pony Fair will be in Louisville, KY. (Good news for her as she is local!) You can read her post about this here. Now, I’m sure they have covered this somewhere on some forum but I don’t know where and the […]

title pic Other My Little Pony webcomics: Death by Pink! and Ponyville

Posted by Hillary on May 7, 2009

If yesterday’s post made you itch for more, here are two other great online comics starring My Little Pony. Death by Pink! starring Pinkie Pie (started out as a photo comic but is now drawn) Ponyville Is there another great MLP comic that you read (or write) that fans would enjoy? Go ahead and post […]

title pic Kimono’s Townhouse (My Little Pony webcomic)

Posted by Hillary on May 6, 2009

Ever wonder what it would be like if My Little Pony friends Minty and Kimono lived together in the same townhouse? Dava Butler did and created Kimono’s Townhouse which syndicates every Wednesday at MLP fans who have never seen this comic before will love the fact that, instead of drawing the ponies, Butler uses […]