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24 new My Little Pony plush styles coming from Aurora

Here’s the info direct from their press release:


Aurora - MLP - 10inch plush w logo

“Our mid year product releases encompass new plush products that feature a variety of styles, a fresh approach to two of Hasbro’s classic brands, as well as innovative designs and attractive fabrics across the board,” says Michael Kessler, Aurora’s SVP of sales and marketing. Aurora mid-year product releases include:

Aurora - MLP - Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash w logoMY LITTLE PONY: Four plush styles for each of six characters — TWILIGHT SPARKLE, PINKIE PIE, RAINBOW DASH, APPLEJACK, RARITY and FLUTTERSHY — highlight Aurora’s new MY LITTLE PONY line based on the MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC animated series, produced by Hasbro Studios and airing on the HUB Network in the US. “Our team did a great job with these elegant and stylish ponies; the line includes 24 different styles. They look just like the animation,” says Kessler. Aurora’s innovative and completely new Pony Tail Carriers (5” x 6.5”) include a plush pony (6.5”) and both have long sculpted hair and use various fabrics (SRP: $17). Standalone plush ponies are available in two sizes (6.5” and 10”; SRP: $7 and $20 respectively) while the line also includes Aurora’s two-piece Fancy Pals™ style: a plush pony (6.5”) with personalized, matching carrier (6”); SRP: $17.

We’ll have a closer look at some of these items coming up soon in a video review so stay tuned! But, in the meantime, are you excited about see these new plush in stores? 

Want Summer Hayes’ newest My Little Pony Collecting guide for less than retail?

As you may have heard, Summer Hayes’ The My Little Pony 2009-2012 Collector’s Inventory is coming out July 6th, 2013. The My Little Pony Fair and Convention will serve as the book launch party and, if you’ll be there, you’ll be able to not only buy a copy but also get her to sign it for you too. Pretty nifty, huh?

If you, like me, will be missing out on the MLP fun this upcoming weekend, I have good news! While the book won’t be available in most bookstores until after the launch, Amazon has it up for pre-order and has been shipping pre-orders immediately instead of making you wait for the official release date. So, if you order your copy right now from Amazon, you can have it before most bookstores even have the book in stock.

But this offer is about to get at least 20% cooler! Amazon is offering an early bird discount of 35% off the retail price! So, not only will you get your copy before anyone else, you’ll get it for less than the wholesale cost retailers pay. Even Priced Nostalgia Press itself can’t sell the book for that low so an offer this good won’t come around again.

Knowing Amazon, this price can change at any time so make sure you act quickly if you don’t want to miss out. You can get your copy from Amazon here.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Royal Pony Wedding coming to DVD on August 7, 2012

You can read the full press release here but it looks like we won’t have to wait very long for the wedding of the century to hit DVD as it will be out this summer. You can already pre-order the DVD on Amazon here.

It’s taking them a while, but it looks like Hasbro is finally getting these DVD releases right. What did you think of the wedding special? Will you be picking it up on DVD?